Thursday, October 14, 2010

Found in Russia

This group is called Stolen from Norway: Misha Alperin - piano, Arkady Shilkloper - flugelhorn, Vegar Vårdal - violin. Live in the New Century Impovisation concert series at the Jewish Culture Center, Moscow, October 6, 2010, produced by Mikhail Mitropolsky.
Violinist Vegar Vårdal is the only "real" Norwegian in this trio, although Misha Alperin lives in Norway (and teaches at Oslo's Royal Music Academy) since ealry 1990s. Vegar is also a dedicated scholar of Norwegian folk music (which is clearly heard in his playing, as the theme that he incorporates in this composition is a Norwegian folk tune titled "Springar fra Bjerkreim"); Misha's early inspiration was the music of his native Moldova, while Arkady, whith his 10-years experience in the Moscow Philharmonics, draws much inspiration from Russian classical music. I don't know how much of this music was, in fact, stolen from Norway; I only hope that if it was, so, after two concerts in Russia last week, they did put it back!

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