Saturday, October 30, 2010

Siberia. Jazz Festival

When you are invited to emcee a
jazz festival as far from home as Siberia, bringing your formal suit may
be not entirely convenient (especially if the most of your only suitcase
allowed as free check-in baggage is taken by the magazines and books you
bring to sell at the festival CD booth.) Therefore, it is essential to
bring nice bright shirts: they work even better than the formal suits, as
in many instances you find yourself to be the only one on the stage not
dressed in a formal suit!

On the pictures (all three taken by my
partner, Anna Filipieva
): day one, day two, and day three of the
Sib Jazz Fest
, the new international jazz festival in Novosibirsk,
Siberia's largest city and Russian Asia's jazz hub #1. I have hosted the
festival concerts on October 21-23. A very eclectic program provided me
with the privilege to welcome to the stage such diverse artists as Oliver
Lake, Mike Stern, Didier Lockwood, Stanley Jordan, Richard Galliano, Kevin
Mahogany, and a bunch of very worthy locals (Vladimir Tolkachov Big Band,
remember this name!)

Anna's review of the festival can be

found on Jazz.Ru
; the text is in Russian, but there is a lot of very
good pictures, too!

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