Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jazz.Ru #5-2010

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On the cover: Anna Buturlina, the brightest star of Russian Jazz Vocal, in an extensive interview by Anna Filipieva.
Russia's premier trombonist, Max Piganov, tells his life story. Jazz Travels: TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, by Larry Appelbaum. Introducing Eugene Lebedev, Russia's rising jazz piano star, and his latest album «From East To West». Ashley Kahn's «Kind Of Blue» released in Russian translation. Two young Russians' success on Montreaux Jazz Competitions: pianist Nikolay Sidorenko and vocalist Yulianna Rogacheva interviewed. On the Rise: Estonia's new voice in jazz - bassist Peedu Kaas. Festival review: Don Chento Jazz Festival in Kaliningrad, Western Russia. Clarinetist Ben Goldberg of Tin Hat interviewed... and much more!

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