Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jazz.Ru #2-2011

(cover clickable)

On the cover (photo by Pavel Korbout): Chick Corea Turns 70: the great pianist's memorable appearance in Moscow with Gary Burton. Jazz April in Ufa: Bashkortostan Republic, member of the Russian Federation, is first in Russia to join the JAM (Jazz Appreciation Month). Tallinn Music Week: in the kitchen - Yuri Lnogradski on the Estonian capital's jazz showcase, and how it worked. The Vintskevich Phenomenon: Leonid Vintskevich, acclaimed pianist/composer and the artistic director for Jazz Province, Central Russia's premier moving festival, in an extensive interview by Anna Filipieva. Vladimir Tolkachov, The Hard Man: the life story of Siberia's famous bandleader, as told by himself on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Bremen and the musicians: jazzahead! showcase in Germany is gaining momentum, as observed by Gregory Durnovo. The Dutch Recipe: European jazz model with its highs and lows, as viewed during the Gateway to Dutch Jazz showcase in Amersfoort, Netherlands... and much more!

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