Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Russian-American Trio at the Jazz Over Volga River Festival in Yaroslavl

Moscow-based pianist Yakov Okun and two New Yorkers, bassist Boris Kozlov and drummer Gene Jackson, perform Sonny Rollins' Plain Jane at the Yaroslavl City Jazz Center in Yaroslavl, Russia, on March 19, 2011, during the the Jazz Over Volga River festival.
Published with artists' permission

The festival program consisted of two schedules, one for larger audiences (Yaroslavl Philharmonic, 500 seats, all nights sold out) and the other, in the late nights, for the 450,000-big city's core jazz audience, at the City Jazz Center (120 seats.) This trio performed at the latter venue, to an enthusiastic response from the audience (although, due to a late hour, some members of the audience were a bit too enthusiastic after their too-enthusiastic consumption of a certain Russian beverage -- which could be heard in this recording!)
It was a good festival, folks! The next is scheduled for 2013, as Jazz Over Volga River is a bi-annual festival.

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