Monday, December 24, 2018

Moshkow is preparing to take off!

On New Year's Eve, yours truly is heading to the U.S. for the first time since 2012. This is going to be my 15th stateside visit, I hope. And the longest since 2002, when I traveled across eight states, which - along with two trans-Atlantic flights - made for a route spanning for 24,000 km! (Almost 15,000 miles.)
This time, it is going to be 25,000 km (15,500 miles,) as my stateside route is a bit shorter than in 2002, but there is an additional trip to Dublin, Ireland, towards the end of my journey, where I attend (and present at) the first-ever jazz conference in Ireland, Documenting Jazz.
We travel as a group, my assistant Natalia and I, with the ultimate goal to film enough material for a documentary movie about jazz research and jazz researchers, which we plan to produce for Jazz.Ru Magazine website.
We arrive in Boston on December 31, and hopefully celebrate the new Year in Nashua, NH. then move to New York City on January 5. On January 6, we are filming at the Jazz Museum in Harlem. On January 7, at the Jazz Congress (Jazz at Lincoln Center.)
On January 8, we fly most of the day (NYC to LA to Reno, NV.)
On January 9 to 12, we attend the Jazz Education Network conference in Reno, and I plan to deliver my presentation about the history of jazz education in Russia on the last day of the conference.
We take a bus to Sacramento, CA the next morning, and fly from Sacramento via Chicago to Boston.
On January 15, we depart from Boston and fly to Dublin, Ireland via Reykjavik, Iceland.
The Documenting Jazz conference is on January 17-19. We depart from Dublin that same night, direct to Moscow.
My sincere thanks to The Real Jazz Ambassadors, LLC, who made possible this exciting trip.
And Merry Christmas to everybody!

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