Monday, February 6, 2017

Tanya Balakyrska "New Horizon"

Tanya Balakyrska is not only Jazz.Ru Magazine's Art Director (and one of the best interviewers!); she is also a gifted singer, a songwriter, an artist.
Last Saturday, Tanya returned to the Moscow scene after a five-years hiatus, which followed the birth of her two children.
The music was strong, her artistic statement definite as usual, and her interaction with the band, the famed Muscovite LRK Trio, was formidable.
Keep up the good work, Tanya!
VIDEO: Tanya Balakyrska (vocal) performs her original "New Horizon" with the LRK Trio at the Igor Butman Jazz Club in Moscow, February 4, 2017. Evgeny Lebedev - p, keyb; Anton Revnyuk - bg, Ignat Kravtsov - dr.

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