Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jazz.Ru Magazine #4/5-2012

On the cover: Jack DeJohnette celebrates his 70th birthday.
A failure as an experience: The Modern Intellectual Art Festival in Moscow, and its last-minute cancellation.
Joshua Redman premiered his Axis Saxophone Quartet in Moscow (+interview).
Jazz.Mansion Festival (Usadba.Jazz): the 9th edition in Moscow, the 2nd in St.Petersburg
How to run a label in our times: Norwegian saxophonist/record label executive Karl Seglem interviewed
Awards given: Jazz Awards (+the story of Russian photographer Pavel Korbut who was awarded for the Photo of the Year) and Jazz Masters 2013
St.Petersburg-based pianist Andrey Kondakov interviewed on the occasion of his 50th birthday
Dr.Laksminarayana Subramaniam: The World Fusion. Legendary Indian fusion violinist celebrates turns 65
A memoir by Alexander Salgannik, drummer from Moscow who celebrates his 80th birthday (currently a San Jose, CA resident,) on his jazz experience in the 1950s and 60s
Dmitry Ilugdin, Moscow-based pianist and composer, interviewed
Valby Summer Jazz festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, as witnessed by Sergei Bondarkov
Tomasz Szukalski, Polish saxophonist, passes away at 65
North Sea Jazz 2012, in words and pictures
VDU Jazz Connection festival in Kaunas, Lithuania: event profile...
...and much more!

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