Friday, February 24, 2012

Jazz.Ru #1-2012

So, Jazz.Ru Magazine hits the shelves for the 40th time, as it enters the 6th year of publication.
In this issue:
On the cover (photo by Pavel Korbout): saxophonist James Carter, as interviewed by Jazz.Ru editor Cyril Moshkow on the day of Carter's performance in Moscow.
Jazz travels: Anna Filipieva reviews the 31st Tampere Jazz Happening; Anna Filipieva and Cyril Moshkow travel to the Holy Land in a pilgrimage to the 8th Jerusalem Jazz Globus Festival.
Improvisation on Glass: Grigory Durnovo on a unique project that brought together in Tallinn, Estonia, Norwegian musicians Terje Isungset and Arve Henriksen with Estonian glass artists
ArtBeat: the Presidential Manifesto - Russian jazz vet Alexey Kozlov on his new culture initiatives foundation
Yuri Markin: "Interested in Jazz Because It's A Music That Lives" - bassist, pianist, and composer from Moscow reflects on his life in music as he reaches 75
In Memoriam: Bob Brookmeyer, Etta James, and veteran Leningrad drummer Valery Mysovsky
Grammy 2012: are the jazz winners reflecting something? Anything?
Moscow-based pianist Lev Kushnir celebrates his 50th birthday and shares his survival strategies, in an extensive interview
Anna Filipieva on bassist William Parker as he visits Russia
Russian Real Book: a theme by saxophonist Dmitry "Bobeen" Aleksandrov (currently with Kiev Big Band )
...and much more!

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Shaul Kohan said...

Hey, my name is shaul and i preformed in the globus fest with boris gammer and the big band, i'm the guitar player. Anna did a little interview of me and a sax player named nerya, i just wanted to ask if it's in there or if you have some photos maybe? the problem is that i can't read russian. if your'e not busy and there are some photos or something it will be awesome if you could send it to me on