Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jazz.Ru #4/5-2011

On the cover (photo by Pavel Korbout): pianist Leszek Mozdzer, The Face of Polish Jazz. Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk on the mighty Enisei river re-launches local jazz festival with 30 years of history, this year under the new name: EniJazz. 14th Jazz at the Hermitage Garden festival opened Moscow's 89th jazz concert season. Sounds of Gibraltar Strait: Alex Belyaev reviews the TANJAzz festival in Tangiers, Morocco. Guitarist Russsel Malone interviewed in Moscow. The first documentary about Valentin Parnakh, the pioneer of Russian jazz, released. Why going to America? - Pyotr Gazarov interviews several young Russian jazz musicians about their experience in the U.S.; saxophonist Nikolay Moiseenko reflects on his own American years; Manhattan School of Music's Jazz Program chair, Justin DiCioccio, interviewed. "Pops. The Life of Louis Armstrong": we present the forthcoming Russian translation of Terry Teachout's book. Bassist Vladimir Volkov interviewed. In Memoriam: arranger Pete Rugolo. The first Vladimir Rezitsky Festival in Archangelsk celebrates the memory and legacy of the late saxophonist, ten years after his untimely passing. Russian Jazz Research Center unveils its first acquisitions. Saxophonist Igor Butman's theme in our Russian Real Book section marks the famed Russia musician's 50th birthday... and much more!

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