Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Sounds from St.Petersburg

We travelled to the Nortwestern Russia recently, first to St.Petersburg (500 mi. NW from Moscow) and then to the ancient town of Tikhvin, another 120 mi. East from St.Petersburg. September in Tikhvin, local jazz festival (currently in its 12th edition,) took place in those two cities on October 2 and 3. Here's eight minuites of tense improv drama at the festival opening (JFC Jazz Club, St.Petersburg, October 2, 2011): Moscow-based reedist Alexey Kruglov, here on tenor (while his main axe is the alto,) St.Petersburg-based pianist Alexey Lapin, and drummer Oleg Yudanov from Arkhangelsk compose a dense improv trialogue while they unfold it in front of delighted audience (the tiny JFC was crowded to its almost full capacity.)

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