Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tabackin's Russian Tour

Lew Tabackin is currently on his 5th Russian tour. Since early 2000s, his band of choice when in Russia is pianist Yakov Okun's - which is currently called MosGorTrio, Russian abbreviation for "Moscow City Trio."
Last night I attended their concert at the cozy and well-renovated recital hall at the Gnessins Russian Academy of Music:

Lew Tabackin (tenor sax) and MosGorTrio (Yakov Okun - piano, Makar Novikov - bass, Sasha Mashin - drums) perform Tedd Mossman's and Baddy Kaye's "Till The End of Time" (adapted from Chopin's Polonaise héroïque in A flat major, Op. 53) at the Gnessins Russian Academy of Music, Moscow, February 4, 2011
Published with artists' permission


Yudhia juice said...

Sounds interesting :)
would you guys upload your music in the youtube..

Cyril Moshkow said...

Yudhia juice, and just where do you think this video is playing from? :)