Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jazz.Ru Official Video Channel Launch

Jazz.Ru, the Russian jazz magazine I work for, prodly presents its own YouTube video channel.
We publish original video content, mostly Russian jazz and improv artists who perform in Jazz.Ru: New Sound series which we co-produce with the Union of Composers jazz club in Moscow twice a month. Those videos, hovever moderate in quality (so far, we're using an old digital photo camera for shooting,) are clean in terms of copyright, as every upload is authorized by the artists themselves.
In "Favorites" section we also link to the videos of Russian jazz artists from different eras posted by somebody else.
Extensive expansion of the channel is currently planned. If you knew of good Russian jazz on YouTube he haven't yet linked to, would you please send us a link!

Watch the latest video right here:
Herman Lukianov (tenor horn) and KADANS perform Lukianov's "Constant Value" on June 26, 2010. Solos: Alexey Kruglov (alto sax), Lukianov, Anton Zaletaev (tenor sax)

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