Friday, July 11, 2008

The Jazz Industry in America

In December, 2007, the Jazz Notes wrote in News of Members section:

Cyril Moshkow, publisher and editor of Moscow-based
Jazz.Ru, Russia’s only jazz magazine, signed a
contract for his first jazz book, The Jazz Industry in
, to be published next March in Russian by
Planeta Muzyki, the St. Petersburg-based branch of
Russia’s Lan publishing house. The book is based on a
collection of more than 40 in-person and several more
phone and email interviews with American jazz educators,
club owners, festival organizers, scholars, radio
presenters, record label executives, producers, sound
engineers and others who create and support jazz.
From 1998 to 2007, Cyril took 11 self-supported trips
to the U.S. (some 20 weeks in total) to meet people in
the jazz industry and visit jazz festivals, jazz clubs and
jazz organizations in 10 states. He regards the book as
his own 40th birthday present.

Well, what can I say, folks? Book's out, and hits stores in Moscow and St.Petersburg this week.
Sorry the book is in Russian only, so there's no point to export it. Hope there'e enough jazzophrenics in Russia (and in neighbor countries where people read Russian) to prevent the book from gathering dust on the bookstores' shelves.


George Rubenstein said...

I would love to find out about how to purchase the book, since I can read Russian. Thanks.

Cyril Moshkow said...

So far, the current Russian Post postage is restrictingly high when it comes to sending books outside the country. The book itself costs $15, but the postage can be up to $25, which makes the whole thing cost $40. If it's OK with you, please send me an e-mail to moshkow at, we'll figure out the payment options and address details.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the book