Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jazz.Ru #13/14

Jazz.Ru 13/14So, Jazz.Ru #4/5-2008 (13/14) due out this Friday.
The band on the cover is Leonid Vintskevich Quartet. Leonid, the pianist, is the grey-headed guy in the center. A perfectly international band: Russian pianist, Russian sax player (Nick Vintskevich, who, BTW, is the pianist's son,) British bassist and Swedish drummer. They have a good album out (in Russia; will be released on Flat Five Records in the U.K. later this year.) Good music, too -- a mixture of Nordic/Slavic influences in jazz.
Inside we have interwievs with Bobby McFerrin, Ken Vandermark, Paul Winter, and much more. If you can read Russian, follow the link, there's more.

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