Saturday, May 17, 2008

Best description of a Russian tour I've ever read

Steve Kershaw, British bass player and Greek mythology scholar, writes about his Russian tour (April, 2008.) Marvellous.

"...[we] take some critical comment ('I really like the music, but it would sound much better with a trumpet instead' – why do the drunkest people always know best?), and, once Nick had extracted himself from the adoring pale-skinned, almond-eyed beauties and I'd made my escape from a hairy, malodorous, red-faced alcoholic, we enjoy a vodka-fuelled afterparty in Petter's hotel room after tramping the streets of the city for an hour in a vain search for an open bar."

BTW Leonid Vintskevich, the piano player, and Steve did a really good job -- I mean their new CD, "Songs From The Black Earth" (Flat Five, 2008.) 50.000 copies sold in Russia (well, there's a trick: technically, in Russia it was not a standalone release, but a supplement to a popular magazine, Avtozvuk a.k.a. The Auto Sound.) We're running Vintskevich/Kershaw quartet on the cover of the next Jazz.Ru issue.
The current issue, #3'2008, is in stores right now, and its cover features Russian big band tycoon Anatoly Kroll -- he turned 65 this April:
MAGAZINE COVER - click to enlarge


Anonymous said...

A funny guy, this Kershaw. He wrote a book on Greek Mythology, did he?

Cyril Moshkow said...

Yes he did Punditto. A popular guide to Greek Mythology for grownups, to be exact.

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